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Men’s Desks are the Dirtiest

Phones, doorknobs, and keyboards in the workplace are all covered in bacteria, but the dirtiest places of all are men’s desks. Scott Kelly and his team from the University of San Diego tested surfaces in 30 offices each in New York, San Francisco, and Tucson for both the amount and kinds of bacteria. Of particular interest, [...]

400 Excuses & Lies For The Workplace

400 Excuses & Lies For The Workplace – $9.95 Do you hate your job? You need 400 Excuses & Lies For The Workplace from the NeatoShop. Enclosed in this handy little tin are 400 ready-made excuses and lies to get out of working. These flashcards are perfect for when you need a good laugh. We know [...]

What Really Motivates Us

In the late 1980’s, Dan Pink made a terrible mistake: he went to law school. He didn’t fare well, graduating in the bottom 10% of his class. Later he overcame his failure at law and became chief speechwriter for Al Gore, then wrote three books about the workplace (including one best-seller). His fourth book is [...]