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How To Draw a Chihuahua

Illustrator Ben Juwono of Hardly Working Blog tells us how to draw a chihuahua. You got that, Neatoramanauts? Link – via Super Punch

The Sagan Series: The Humans

The Sagan Series continues to surprise. Working with an extremely limited resource (Sagan’s reading of the Pale Blue Dot audiobook and portions of Cosmos), editor Reid Gower has continued to find lyrical passages from Sagan and combine them with imagery and audio from other sources. In “The Humans” (the ninth installment of the [...]

Bees’ tiny brains beat computers

New research has shown that bees are able to solve complex mathematical problems. Working out the shortest route between flowers to minimize flight ti…

Webchat Went Horribly, Hilariously Wrong

A young Chinese man was pulling a late shift working and he decided to have a little webchat with his girlfriend … when things went horribly, oh, so horribly wrong. See what happened (no knowledge of Chinese required, you’ll get it): Link

The Dogs of War – a Tribute to The Military Working Dog

Dogs have been used in warfare since war began and the last ten years have been no exception.  Used these days primarily to seek out IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) the Military Working Dog has seen a great deal of action both in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is, then, a homage to the fidelity, tenacity and [...]

The "Useless Man" Myth Makes Working Moms Feel Better

Why do working moms complain so much about their “useless” husbands? A new study by Rebecca Meisenbach of the University of Missouri suggests that it’s all to make them feel better about themselves: If there is one thing on which many working mothers agree, it is that their partners do not pull their weight on the [...]