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The Standing Work Station

Wonderful idea, but you have to wonder how easy it would be to reach the coffee. After all, every worker has his/her priorities! This comic from The Joy of Tech came with a poll on how many people do their job standing, and how they feel about it.  Link -via Daily of the Day

Man survives metal rod through his head

A construction worker found himself with a 6-foot metal bar piercing all the way through his skull. 24-year-old Eduardo Leite had been working on a bu…

Termites explode to defend colonies

Termites in the rainforests of French Guiana literally blow themselves up to help defend their peers. Older worker termites grow a sack containing a b…

Man shoots 3 inch nail in to his head

A construction worker defied the odds by surviving a particularly nasty nail gun accident. Jeff Luptak stunned doctors by being more concerned about s…

UFO photographed over Devon

A bridge worker has captured an unusual flashing object in the night sky over Devon, England. Gary McDermott snapped the photograph at around 9pm on S…

Christian fired for refusing to wear ‘666′

A factory worker was fired from his job for refusing to wear a ‘666′ sticker believing he’d go to hell. Billy E. Hyatt was fired from a plastics facto…

The "Err" Art Project: You’re Doing It Wrong

Untitled (Comb), Mr. Kartick, Mr. Ram, Mr. Vikash; Star Creations Ltd, Kolkata, India Jeremy Hutchison had an idea: get companies to make products that don’t work. “I asked them to make me one of their products, but to make it with an error,” Hutchison explains. “I specified that this error should render the object dysfunctional. And [...]

The Incredible Shrinking Cubicle

While many folks are dealing with unemployment, those who still have jobs are putting up with more and more cutbacks. Little by little, our personal space at work is shrinking. According to the International Facility Management Association, the average American office worker had 90 square feet of work space in 1994, but by 2010, that same [...]

Amateur astronomer discovers new planets

A 45-year-old gas worker has discovered four new planets from home in his own spare time. Amateur astronomer Peter Jalowiczor was ecstatic to have mad…

Cobra hamburgers

A Cobra meat harvested for hamburgers worker picks up a bunch of skinned cobras as they are prepared to be made into meat in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The snakes are caught and processed into burgers, which are served at local restaurants. Behold the slightly terrifying process and its ultimately delicious recipes looking resultsSource:- CNN Via Life