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The Secret to Happiness and Productivity at Work

The secret to unlocking happiness and productivity at work, according to Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile, is surprisingly simple. It’s not the big wins, it’s the small ones. And oh, yeah, you’ve got [...]

Fresco Destroyer Wants Royalties

Just when you thought the news of the botched fresco meme finally reached an end, Cecilia Gimenez, the woman who “restored” the painting has now approached the church that houses the fresco and demanded that they pay her royalties for the work. To be fair, more tourists have come to the church as a result [...]

The Secret of Parenting, According to a Nobel Laureate

Want your kids to succeed in life? What parent doesn’t? That’s why we have helicopter parenting, Tiger Moms, Panda Dads [...]

What Americans Do All Day

If you answer "work and sleep", you’d be mostly correct! Lam Thuy Vo of NPR’s Planet Money has the graph: View the post over at NPR to find out the detailed breakdown of "Leisure" and [...]

Great Wall of China section collapses

Construction work and heavy rainfall have been blamed for causing a large piece of the wall to collapse. Originally constructed in the 7th century BC …

Cross Stitch of All 151 Original Pokémon

(Video Link)  It took Eponases 8 months of painstaking work, but she crafted a marvel. Watch this time-lapse video of the creation of her amazing cross stitch. You can also see pictures of the completed work at the link. Link -via Geekosystem

Should Mentally Disabled People Hold Political Offices?

That’s the question that’s being put to the test in the city of Ghent, Belgium. Didier Peleman, a 41-year old man with mental disability, has sparked a controversy whether a mentally disabled person should [...]

Embrace the Remix

In this ten-minute video, Kirby Ferguson explains how the basic elements of a “remix” are actually the core parts of all creative work. Ferguson uses Bob Dylan as a case study — and he’s right to do so. Dylan’s early work was clearly based on other folk tunes, and there’s nothing wrong with [...]

A Marine’s Return to Ballet

Roman Baca became a ballet dancer after high school. Since male dancers are in the minority, he found plenty of work, but not the full-time position he hoped for. So Baca joined the Marines and was sent to patrol Fallujah, Iraq, in 2005. When he returned, he couldn’t find satisfaction in a desk job. My then-girlfriend, [...]

All Work and No Play Make The Baining The Most Boring People on Earth

Meet the Baining, an indigenous tribe in Papua New Guinea who has the unusual claim of being the most boring people on Earth: According to [anthropologist Jane Fajans], the Baining eschew everything that [...]