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What is a Woot? The Origins of 8 Tech Names

Back in 2009, we discussed the origins of the names TiVo, Blackberry and Hulu, among others. Here’s how eight more tech companies, websites and gadgets got their names. 1. Skype The idea of a video phone has been around for decades. While there have been a handful of real video phones, they were never widely available for [...]

TSAnta Claus

Even Santa Claus gets the TSA treatment before flying! Today’s shirt at shirt.woot! is a creation of Neatoramabot designer Adam Koford. When Adam “Ape Lad” Koford heard about the authorization of new, more invasive air security procedures, he was outraged… that the TSA never responded to his job application. Link -via Laughing Squid

What is it? Game 122

Woot! It’s our first What is it? game in the New Year, so let’s make this one good! The always awesome What is it? Blog brings us this gruesome looking contraption – can you guess what it is for? Let’s have more prizes: the first correct guess and the top 3 funniest but wrong guesses will [...]

Vintage Magazines Predicted a Wacky Future

(More scans at Woot!) Yes, the glorious days of publishing were characterized by whatever could grab your attention on the cover. Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and Modern Mechanix led the way in eye-popping art that seemed all the more plausible because of who was publishing it. Scientists and mechanics know what they’re talking about, and what [...]