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A Gathering Of Wookiees

Think all Wookiees look alike? Check out this shag-tastic photo from the set of Star Wars Episode III. Revenge of The Siths taken by Keith Hamshere in 2005 and see if you can spot all the differences between different Wookiee looks. There’s the braided beard look, the dreadlock stylee and the well-groomed shaggy gent, all the latest [...]

A Book That Teaches You How To Speak Wookiee

(YouTube Link) This endearing little children’s book will bring out the Wookiee in your family tree, and comes complete with sound unit so you can hear the proper pronunciation of words in Wookinese Wookian Wookiee language. Guaranteed to be hours of fun for you and/or your kid, unless the gutteral sounds of Wookiees gets on your nerves, [...]