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Link Latte 189

#189 – Week of October 3, 2012 Farthest-Ever View of the Universe (pic) – [wow space] Mind-Boggling Microscopic Photos – [wow photography] What would really happen if the lights went out. – [scary scenario] Theo Jansen, again… a must-see – [wow video] Epic Stalin-Era Russian-American, Love Story (photo) – [biography, transl.] Really Extreme Wood Sculptures – [art, scroll down] The Hall of [...]

Link Latte 175

#175 – Week of March 4, 2012 Titanic May Have Sunk Because of an Optical Illusion – [!]Giant Unseen Structure in Our Galaxy – [wow space]The Monster Engine: Painting Children’s Nightmares – [art]Gorgeous Art Deco RV from 1926 – [wow auto]Extract Your Own DNA?! Here’s How – [geek info]To Eat, or Not to Eat? – [weird [...]

Billy Hall’s Glowing Wood Sculptures

Photo: Glowing Wood Sculptures Artist Billy Hall uses a lathe to sculpt whole wood blocks thin enough to be used as lampshades. The shades are usually between 1/32 and 3/32 of an inch thick and coated with epoxy. Pictured above is “Luna”, a globular design made from Southern Yellow Pine. Link via DudeCraft