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Wonder Woman 16 oz. Plastic Travel Mug

Wonder Woman 16 oz. Plastic Travel Mug Are you warrior princess on-the-go? Break free from the chains of thirst and get the Wonder Woman 16 oz. Plastic Travel Mug from the NeatoShop. This lightweight mug comes with a snap lid and powerful message. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Glassware & Drinkware.  Link

Wonder Woman Fleece Cozy

Wonder Woman Fleece Cozy – $24.95 Do you know an amazing female warrior who could use a little rest and relaxation? Give her the Wonder Woman Fleece Cozy from the NeatoShop. This super blanket with sleeves will have your super heroine feeling like a princess.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Wonder Woman [...]

Wonder Woman Onesie

Wonder Woman Onesie – $35.95 There is no denying that your baby girl is more beautiful than Aphrodite. Now you can dress her like the super baby she is with the Wonder Woman Onesie from the NeatoShop. The costume includes: tutu, cape, pants, headpiece and booties. This outfit is sure to turn heads at your next [...]

25 Fictional Characters Posing With mental_floss

You’ve already seen celebrities posing with Mental Floss at the Motor City Comic Con, but have you ever wondered whether your favorite fictional characters would enjoy the magazine? Thanks to the San Diego Comic Con, we were able to find out that, whether given to real celebrities or fictional icons, Mental Floss is always a [...]

Wonder Woman Mix & Match Stationary

Wonder Woman Mix & Match Stationery – $8.95 Are you masterful and wise communicator looking to lasso the power of letter writing and the hand written thank you note? You need the Wonder Woman Mix & Match Stationery set from the NeatoShop. This beautiful as Aphrodite set includes stationery sheets, envelopes and stickers. Be sure to check [...]

Little Boy Is Not an Android Fan

This Apple fanboy was was spotted in Hangzhou, China. I wonder what the bangs are supposed to represent. Link -via Kotaku | Photo: China Free Press

Wonder Woman Cape Socks

Wonder Woman Cape Socks – $9.95 Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Do you know a warrior princess in need of a new pair of socks? Get her the Wonder Woman Cape Socks from the NeatoShop. This great pair of knee high socks is perfect for seeking truth, promoting justice, and dancing around the house. [...]

Linus the Long Haired Wonder Horse

Have you ever seen a horse with such a luxurious mane? Linus the Wonder Horse was born in 1884, the result of careful breeding for long hair. Linus was exhibited with a circus act, with promotional materials declaring he was of the “Oregon Long-Haired Wild Wonder horse” breed. His mane was 14 feet long, and [...]

The Urban Field Guide To Subcultural Tribes

Ever wonder what those freaky guys and gals that hang out at your local watering hole are all about? Don’t get the ins and outs of their particular brand of bad taste, and you want to know what they’re doing walking around looking like that? Well, this field guide to subcultural tribes by artist Rob Dubi [...]

11 Things Billed as the 8th Wonder of the World

Since the days of antiquity, scholars and teachers, orators and critics, guide books and travel maps have identified Wonders of the World — locations that stand as a testament to human achievement in architecture and beauty or the represent the breathtaking awe of nature in its sprawling and magnificent chaos. Most often, these lists of wonders come [...]