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Wonder Woman 16 oz. Plastic Travel Mug

Wonder Woman 16 oz. Plastic Travel Mug Are you warrior princess on-the-go? Break free from the chains of thirst and get the Wonder Woman 16 oz. Plastic Travel Mug from the NeatoShop. This lightweight mug comes with a snap lid and powerful message. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Glassware & Drinkware.  Link

Pumpkin Proposal

How can a woman possibly say no to a man who put his heart and soul into this lovely autumn display? She didn’t; she said yes! Link

Woman fails to shut down Hadron Collider

A German court has rejected the case of a woman who claims the atom smasher would destroy the world. The unnamed woman claimed that there was a risk t…

Wonder Woman Fleece Cozy

Wonder Woman Fleece Cozy – $24.95 Do you know an amazing female warrior who could use a little rest and relaxation? Give her the Wonder Woman Fleece Cozy from the NeatoShop. This super blanket with sleeves will have your super heroine feeling like a princess.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Wonder Woman [...]

17 Euphemisms for Sex From the 1800s

While shoe-horning these into conversation today might prove difficult, these 17 synonyms for sex were used often enough in 19th-century England to earn a place in theĀ 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, a book for upper-crust Britons who had no idea what the proles were talking about. 1. Amorous congress To say two people were engaged in [...]

‘Missing’ woman joins search for herself

A woman holidaying in Iceland was unaware that the search party she had joined was looking for her. The unnamed woman had been on a bus trip in the El…

Lost Woman Looks for Herself

A bus driver alerted police and emergency personnel when one of the tourists on his sightseeing tour went missing. The excursion to Iceland’s Eldgjá volcanic canyon was put on hold for hours while a search was carried out. A helicopter was even summoned for the search-and-rescue operation. However, the search was called off at 3 am [...]

Life Imitates Mr. Bean: Amateur "Restoration" of 100-Year-Old Fresco

It’s life imitating Mr. Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie , where the hapless hero unwittingly destroyedWhistler’s Mother. Here’s the story of how a woman decided to "restore" [...]

Fashion Trend: The Face-Kini

This woman isn’t a superhero with a low budget. She’s a swimmer in China, the epicenter of this latest fashion craze. The face-kini is basically a ski mask made of light fabric that protects a person from the sun: Often paired with a long-sleeved shirt, the face-kini reportedly costs from $2.40 to $4; many residents simply [...]

Did Wilt Chamberlain Really Sleep With 20,000 Women?

Wilt Chamberlain was born on this date in 1936. Let’s check his math on his most famous statistic. Wilt Chamberlain, at 7’1″, may have been the most dominating and amazing basketball player of all time. In his legendary career, Wilt scored 31,419 points, including the unbelievable time he actually scored 100 points in one game. He [...]