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Sheep to send text messages about wolves

Sheep in Switzerland could soon be able to raise the alert via text message when attacked by wolves. The system works by placing a collar on the sheep…

Newly Discovered Skull Teaches About Dogs

Researchers recently uncovered a canine skull that is over 33,000 years old, making it the oldest evidence of the evolution between wolves and dogs that we’ve ever found. The skull shows a mixture of traits seen in dogs and wolves. The snout is similar in size to early domesticated dogs in Greenland from around 1,000 years [...]

Wolves taken off endangered species list.

Federal wildlife officials will soon take wolves in the western US off the endangered species list. In an unprecedented step, Congress has chosen to r…

400 wolves terrorise remote Russian town

A ’super pack’ of 400 wolves have started hunting together due to lack of food. Wolves who normally hunt in packs of six to seven are joining forces t…


(YouTube link) This may look like the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but this girl is unlike any Red Riding Hood you’ve seen before. Would this concept make a good full-length film? There’s also a video on how the wolves were created. -Thanks, Patrick A. Prejusa!