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Vintage Superheroes and Villains

Today’s superheroes aren’t that bad. But they aren’t like the superheroes of the past. No movie deals, no merchandizing–just work. The historic company Foto Marvellini, now operated by descendants of the original owners, has opened up its archive. Much of it consists of the first photographs of classic superheroes including Spider-Man, Batman and Wolverine. Gallery and [...]

What Happens When You Can’t Decide On A Single Costume Idea

I like trying to recognize all of the influences in this costume. I see Doctor Who, Indiana Jones, Wolverine, Jack Sparrow, Han Solo, Superman and Boba Fett. Am I missing anything? Link

Would You Rather Eat Spider-Man or Wolverine?

Peperoni and olive or black olive and bacon (or is that ground beef)? Either way, I’ll take Wolverine in both comics and in pizza. Nom. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Wolverine Wig & Dog Tag

Wolverine Wig & Dog Tag – $23.95 Attention Wolverine fans! Slash away your pretty boy image and toughen up your look with the Wolverine Wig & Dog Tag set from the NeatoShop. This fantastic 2-piece set is perfect for quickly transforming yourself into hunky mutant. Chicks really dig the mutton chop sideburns. Be sure to check out [...]

Wolverine Notepad Holder

Wolverine Notepad Holder | $14.95 Never fear! The X-men’s Wolverine will hold those notes for you -or even business cards! This will be particularly “noteworthy” at your workplace. The Wolverine notepad holder is made of durable polystone resin and even comes with a pad of note paper. Fans should also check out other Wolverines items and other [...]

Hulk vs. Wolverine Salt & Pepper Shakers

Hulk vs. Wolverine Salt & Pepper Shakers – $13.95 Are you looking for a fun way to release your inner decorating beast? Spruce up your kitchen table with the Hulk vs. Wolverine Salt & Pepper Shaker set from the NeatoShop.  This fantastic set is made from glazed ceramic.  The two shakers are held together by magnets. Be [...]

Geeky Paper Snowflakes

Geeks Are Sexy Facebook fan Tanya submitted her geeky paper snowflake creations – this one of Wolverine is easily my favorite. Check out the rest: Link

Wackiest Wolverine Variant Costume

Here we see Wolverine decked out in his rare Banana variant costume taking a well deserved break after a day of slipping on himself, re-hydrating so he doesn’t ripen and turn brown. If you see Wolverine in this outfit try to get a pic but be careful- he’s bashful when he sports his Banana Style! Link


The folks at I Can Has Cheezburger have launched a new site called Superheroes! which gathers funny stuff involving your favorite comic book heroes all in one place. See Spiderman with a baby carriage, Wolverine preparing lunch, and of course, lots about Batman. Link

Very Cheap Wolverine Costume

Flickr user Vó Maria’s got the right idea. You might not even have to leave your kitchen to complete a Wolverine costume. Caleb Goellner of Comics Alliance, however, correctly points out that one needs a three-pronged fork to make this really convincing. Link via Comics Alliance