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The Lancashire Witches 1612-2012

Four hundred years ago in northwest England, twenty people were arrested on witchcraft charges. We know so much about the Lancashire Witches because the trial was recorded in unique detail by the clerk of the court, Thomas Potts, who published his account soon afterwards as The Wonderful Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster. I [...]

Pendle Witch Cottage Discovered In Lancanshire

A 400-year old cottage was discovered by a construction crew near Pendle Hill (in northern England) that is believed to have been the home of one of the Pendle Witches. The eleven women known as the Pendle Witches were found guilty of murdering ten people with witchraft in 1612, and all but one were hung [...]

The Witches’ Market

Take a visit to the Mercado de Hechecería, or The Witches’ Market in La Paz, Bolivia. But be prepared for what you will find. We stepped inside one of the stores to get a closer look. Note: this is serious, sacred business to the people who shop and work here, and irony-seeking tourists aren’t exactly appreciated. [...]

Witches face jail for inaccurate predictions

Witches in Romania could face jail time if their fortune telling predictions turn out to be incorrect. This comes as another blow to witches practicin…

Even witches can’t catch a break

Romanian witches may soon see earnings from their profession taxed, for better or worse. Witches from across Romania are assembling to either protest …