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Crazy Wiring (DRB Series)

DRB Popular SeriesLink This is… complicated. This is the ultimate collection of nightmare wiring jobs (some incredibly complex, others incredibly messy)… This series is part of our larger Computers category and Weird pics category. We will be constantly updating this page, as new issues come out, so make sure to bookmark it. Fantastically Intense Wiring Part 7 of our [...]

Scientists Claim Human Brain May Have Reached Full Capacity

Scientists claim the human brain is at capacity and is too tiring to get smarter We’ve invented penicillin, space shuttles, computers and even artificial hearts, among many other wonders. So where will human intelligence go from here? The answer, if certain scientists are correct, is nowhere. Mankind’s brain power has reached its peak and it is physically impossible [...]

Fantastically Intense Wiring, Part 7

“QUANTUM SHOT” #48Link – Also read previous parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 The Mothers of All Messes (and maybe a few fathers, too) The goal of this series (other than to simply entertain) is to raise awareness about the abundance of various tangled messes in the world and to establish the humanitarian fund dedicated to [...]