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Wired’s Lab-Tested, Muppet-Vetted Formulas for Smartifying Your Life

Wired magazine has an article full of tips for making your life better with science, from untangling your earbuds to dunking cookies in milk. The Muppets are there to lend a little levity, but the science behind these things is all real. This includes the physics of splattering spaghetti sauce on your shirt. One of the [...]

The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies Around

Wired recently released this great chart of the most popular flavors of Girl Scout cookies and while it’s interesting and looks great, more than anything else, it just makes me want some Samoas. Is your favorite in the top 5 or in the “other varieties” section? Link Via Laughing Squid

7 Unethical, But Brilliant Experiements

There is so much we have yet to learn about our own world and society, but while we are able to design experiments to answer some of these questions, ethics prevents us from performing them all. Wired has a great list of experiments that could teach us a whole lot about our world, but simply [...]

Cool Award Winning Scientific Simulation Videos

(Video Link) Science videos have never looked so cool, thanks to the introduction of 3d visual effects and simulations that make the scientific process geeky fun to watch. Whether you understand what’s happening in each short film or not, the visuals are mind blowing and quite beautiful to watch. You can see all 10 videos over [...]

CIA Escape Kit, Made to Be Hidden Inside the Human Body

You can guess where. Wired has a gallery of gadgets from the history of espionage, including this CIA-issue escape kit from the 1960s. Link via Nerdcore | Photo: International Spy Museum

Agricultural Landscapes from Space

Betsy Mason of Wired Science has a really neat post about how farming in various countries create strange agricultural landscapes as seen from above. This one above is from Libya: The lonely green circles in this image are center-pivot fields 0.6 miles in diameter in southeastern Libya near the Egyptian border. Known as the Al Khufrah [...]

A Gallery of Gadget Prototypes

Steven Leckart of Wired gathered photos of and information about six gadget prototypes that have been preserved long after the products developed from them became ubiquitous. These include the first push-button phone, dating back to 1948: In the late 1940s, switchboard operators already had a more efficient push-button setup that used tones instead of electrical pulses [...]

Chris Anderson on the path to the post-print future

On the heels of last week’s iPad announcement, I had the good fortune yesterday of asking Chris Anderson via telephone what he thinks will happen to print magazines (and publishing in general) as we move further and further into a digital space. If you don’t know Chris, check out the current issue of Wired magazine [...]

International Museum of Surgical Science

A trip through the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago will make you glad you live in the modern world instead of the “good old days”! Wired has a gallery of exhibit photos ranging from a skull that belonged to a trepanation patient to early x-ray machines. Pictured is a vest used in 1899 [...]

An Artificial Eye for the Blind

Priya Ganapati writes in Wired that researchers at MIT are developing an eye implant that can feed visual imput past damaged cells and directly into the brain. Patients will wear a camera that downloads images into the implant: It won’t entirely restore normal vision, say the researchers, but it will offer just enough sight to help [...]