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Winner Gold Medal Bottle Opener

Winner Gold Medal Bottle Opener – $9.95 The Olympics are coming. Are you looking for the perfect bottle opener to get you through your favorite televised summer games? You need the Winner Gold Medal Bottle opener from the NeatoShop. This great bottle opener shaped like a medal and ribbon will have you feeling like a champion. [...]

Nobel laureate touts E-Cat cold fusion

Nobel prize winner Dr. Brian Josephson is trying to increase awareness of E-cat cold fusion. Despite the potentially revolutionary nature of the E-Cat…

Count My Change (and Win a Copy of Ransom’s New Book!)

Update (4:02pm): Still no winner! If you’ve already used up your three guesses, you can guess again. I keep my spare change in an old pretzel jug. On at least two occasions, I’ve taken pictures of said jug (see above) and asked you guys to guess how much money is inside. Prizes are dangled. Fun times [...]

Ugliest Couch Contest

That’s one ugly couch! It was the winner in the 2010 Worldwide Ugly Couch Contest. But you may know of a couch even uglier. Poor you. The search is on for the 2011 winner, so submit a picture of your ugly couch now. Link -via J-Walk Blog

Little Girl Gladly Submits to the Dark Side

(Video Link) Sarah Gallejo knows a winner when she sees one. This young girl was chosen out of the audience at Disneyland’s Jedi Academy to participate in a stage show. She went off script and, rather than fighting Darth Vader, joined him. via Super Punch

The Late Giveaway: Science Tape!

If you want to distract people from the gift underneath the wrapping paper, this Science Tape from UncommonGoods is just what you need. We’ve got a roll to give away. To pick a winner, we’ll ask one mental_floss trivia question. Really obscure trivia. About the mental_floss staff. Let’s see who’s been paying attention. Or stalking. First [...]

Afternoon Giveaway: Ninjabread Men

Welcome to day two of our week of giveaways from UncommonGoods! Today you’re playing for a set of Ninjabread Men, which would certainly liven up your dessert table. How Can I Win? Tell us about the greatest present you’ve ever given someone—Christmas, birthday, graduation, a kidney, whatever. Make me wish that our relationship was at the [...]

Afternoon Giveaway: The Runaway Alarm Clock

Exciting news! The good people at UncommonGoods have given us a sack filled with cool stuff to hand out to our readers this week. (After sticking with us through our weird error messages all weekend, you guys deserve some quirky presents.) Let’s kick things off with Tocky, the Runaway Alarm Clock. “Designer Gauri Nanda created her first [...]

Woody’s Winners, Week 12

NFL WEEK TWELVE Woody posted a pleasant 12-4 record in NFL games last week, and wishes to apologize to all the Tennessee fans out there for jinxing your Titans a few weeks ago by raving about their wonderful play and Super Bowl chances. Sorry about that. A (non-holiday-related) family emergency caused me to miss the Thursday games [...]

Woody’s Winners, NFL Week 9

NFL WEEK NINE Apologies for this column being a day late, but I’ve been focused on doing my part to crank out the next issue of mental_floss magazine. Week 10 brings Thursday Night Football, so we’ll be a day early next week (and for the rest of the season). See? It all works out in the [...]