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DNA Proposal

What do wanna bet these two met at work? A biologist wanted to propose to his girlfriend, who is also a biologist. He asked her to image his electrophoresis gel, (wink wink) if you know what I mean. But it was a special mixture of DNA fragments he cooked up just for the occasion. They’re 5 [...]

Raiders Of The Lost Archives-A Comparison

(YouTube Link) This eye opening, and beautifully edited, video shows a shot-by-shot comparison of Raiders of the Lost Ark and 31 other films made between 1919 and 1973. To say that there are a few similarities would be an understatement, so obviously this is due to Spielberg doing his homework, right? *wink* If you’ve seen this before, good [...]

Get Along With Your Co-Workers Tea

Get Along With Your Co-Workers Tea – $9.95 Your co-workers don’t drive you crazy. You love them. They are like family. That Get Along With Your Co-Workers Tea in your NeatoShop shopping cart is not for you. You are just buying it for a friend. They aren’t lucky like you. Of course we know you are [...]

The Secret Lives of Game Show Hosts

They’ve got gleaming, flawless teeth, hair that could withstand hurricane-force winds and emotions that run high when giving away a case of Turtle Wax. But scratch just below the surface of a classic game show host, and you may be surprised at what you find. Regis Philbin When you think of “Regis Philbin” and “game show,” the [...]