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Caution: Road is Slippery When Covered with Mucus

When it’s very snotty outside, you  may prefer to stay in. But if you have to drive to work, scrape the mucus off your windshield and start driving. Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Fox 23 news team has some other useful suggestions. Link -via Jalopnik

Man Turned His Room Into a VW Beetle

Jalopnik reader Otto banged his head on his room’s slanted ceiling and got an idea: he realized that the angle of the wall looked like the windshield of a car, so he decided to the room into a giant VW Beetle! Take [...]

Driver Casually Exits Crushed Truck through Windshield During Crash

(Video Link)  The “during” part is especially smooth. He doesn’t wait a minute until after the crash. No, his truck is still moving as he steps out of it through the place where his windshield used to be. These are Russians–people who shave with shovels. This is what they do. -via Yababoon

Bird Shall Not Be Moved

(Video Link) An active windshield wiper may not seem like a good place to perch, but this bird isn’t choosy. That, or he’s not going to let the humans push him off. -via Blame It on the Voices