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Parked Jet Lifted by Wind

Hey, jumbo jet, where are you going? On May 23, 2012, strong winds of 70+ mph (112 kph) blew through an airplane boneyard in Mojave California and lifted this 747 jet. Mike Massee wrote: Without the weight of its engines, the slightly tail heavy 747 [...]

Wind Map of the United States

Boy, it sure is windy in the United States! Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg collaborated to create Wind Map, a visualization of the current wind flowing over the country right now, using data from the National Digital Forecast Database: Link [...]

25 Absolutely Amazing Rock Formations

Wind, rain and waves can do some amazing things to rocks, which is precisely what made these amazing rock formations seen over at BuzzFeed. Be sure to click on the link, the formations are certainly all worth a view. Link

Wind farms: is Britain ‘running out of wind’?

A decline in the average wind speed over the last few years may mean the end for wind turbines. Over the last year the average wind speed across Brita…

Japanese Wind Tower

Japan has been developing an alternative source of energy using wind power, however instead of traditional windmills this giant wind tower can utilize wind from different directions. Japan-based ZENA Systems is working on developing a new type of wind energy generator that will dwarf anything before it. The 50 meter-tall hexagonal building essentially acts as a [...]

10 Parody Novels That Get the Last Laugh

Ask someone what his or her favorite parody movie is and you’ll hear Blazing Saddles, Airplane!, or some other classic of the genre. But ask what their favorite parody novel is and you’ll likely get a blank stare. To help you answer this difficult, life-defining question the next time you’re asked, here are the stories [...]

PVC Beasts That Walk on Their Own

Theo Jansen is an artist (technically, a sculptor) who creates strandbeests — PVC sculptures that operate like simple robots. The strandbeests can walk using wind power, some can dig themselves into the ground when the wind gets too strong, and some can even detect when they touch obstacles or water. Jansen builds them and sets [...]

Solar Wind Bridge

This bridge, designed by Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino, is still in the theoretical stage. At high altitude where the speed of the wind is greater the structure will capture energy in two ways: Between the pillars of a long-expanse bridge, a multitude of turbines capture wind energy from the faster-moving high-altitude currents. In addition, [...]

Malawi to make breaking wind a crime

The government of Malawi is planning to make breaking wind a criminal offence. The bizarre new law will see citizens being punished for “fouling the a…

The "Serpent"

Although it looks like a fantasy instrument that might have been designed to accompany vacuum cleaners in a Gerard Hoffnung music festival, the serpent is a bona fide wind instrument, with a pedigree dating back over four centuries. The Serpent is an ancient musical wind instrument, related to the modern Tuba, Euphonium, and Baritone (see Pictures). [...]