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That’s No Pumpkin!

Etsy seller Cricket Willis painted this fake pumpkin with ultraviolet paint that glows under black light. At her shop you can also find a cow vertebra painted with the silhouettes of curvaceous women and hilariously entitled “Baby’s Got Back.” Link -via Technabob

Porthole Laundry Chute

I want one. I don’t have a laundry chute, but I would like to have a porthole somewhere. Maybe I could cut one into the fabric of my cubicle? Allee Willis loves them. Over the years, she’s bought several vintage portholes and installed them around her house. Link -via Claire Long | Photo: Maryanne Bilham

Village Person Tests Copyright Law

The rights to the 1978 song “Y.M.C.A.” generate a million dollars a year, even after all this time. But that money doesn’t go to the Village People, who performed the original recording, or the songwriters. Victor Willis, the original lead singer of the group, filed papers this year to regain control in 2013 over his share [...]

The Late Movies: Celebrity Advertising

If you aren’t a big name (or aren’t a big name yet), the easiest way to generate cash for an actor or musician is to do ads. Commercials. Advertising. But we will forgive you later when you make the big time. One of your favorite stars may be in here! The Rolling Stones for Rice Krispies This [...]

Zebra is a Jumping Horse

Sammi Jo Stohler had a problem: her zebra Zach kept jumping out of his field, so much that she had an eight-foot fence built. So she turned his habit into an asset by training Zach to show off his jumps! Stohler took Zach in after his former owner had trouble with him. “As I was training [...]

The Quick 10: 9 Miss Golden Globes (and one Mr.)

The Golden Globes are coming up this weekend, which means it’s time for a new Miss Golden Globe. Although the award ceremony has been around since 1944, Miss Golden Globe didn’t start handing out trophies until 1966. There were actually two Miss Golden Globes that year – one for film and one for television. The [...]

9 Facts About the Greatest Christmas Movie Ever

Holiday spirit hitting bottom? Can’t feel warmth in the cockles of your heart? (You should get that checked; I lost an uncle to poor cockle health.) Nonetheless, if you’re just not feeling the festive cheer, do what I do and get merry with a bare-footed, one man anti-terrorist unit in the greatest Christmas movie ever [...]

The Late Movies: Musical Seniors

We all know that musicians like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are over-the-hill, but we usually don’t hear about too many people rocking away into the golden years. Some senior citizens, though, are showing that you don’t have to be young to be a rock star (or party like one). The Zimmers The Zimmers rocketed to [...]

The Quick 10: Quoth mental_floss “Nevermore.”

Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” is 165 years old this week. That’s not bad for a bird with a life expectancy of 40 years (that’s in captivity, if you’re interested – 15 years is the longest a tagged raven has ever lived in the wild). We’ll say Happy Birthday to the morbid black bird by [...]

Documentaries I Like: Wesley Willis’s Joy Rides – It’s A Rock-You-Mentary

So yesterday I posted The Late Movies: Rock On, Wesley Willis, featuring some of Wesley Willis’s bizarre-but-awesome music. But the real treat comes today, when you can watch an entire documentary about Wesley Willis online — this week only. (Later, you’ll have to buy the DVD.) The new documentary is called Wesley Willis’s Joy Rides, [...]