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Williams Syndrome: The Super-Social Genetic Disorder

To 7-year-old twins Tristan and Tyler Waldner, there are no strangers. The boys have an genetic condition called the Williams syndrome which makes them unusually social. Scientists think that this may be the key to [...]

Beer Nunchaku

There’s just something majestically beautiful about cement-filled Budweiser cans linked by a chain. This work by Brooklyn-based designers Chen Chen and Kai Tsien Williams is called “American Ninja”. via Colossal | Chen Chen | Kai Tsien Williams

Sand Collection, Up Close

Mouser Williams collects sand from different parts of the world. He photographs his samples using a macro lens to get up close and personal, labeling their composition. This lovely sample is called Star Sand. This sand, found only on a few beaches in southern Japan, is made up entirely of the calcified shells of tiny organisms [...]