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Yabba-Dabba-Do! Happy 50th Anniversary to the Folks in Bedrock (twitch, twitch)!

TV’s favorite stone-age family first visited our living rooms on September 30, 1960. Originally pitched as The Flagstones, television’s first prime-time animated series ran for six seasons and became so popular that companies like Welch’s paid big bucks to get their products advertised by Fred, Wilma, Betty, Barney and Pebbles. (Let’s face it, 44 years [...]

The "Sunrise" Fanfare of "Also Sprach Zarathustra"

YouTube link. The performance here is by the Portsmouth Sinfonia – students in Portsmouth, England, directed by English composer Gavin Byers. The Sinfonia had an unusual entrance requirement, in that players had to either be non-musicians, or if a musician, play an instrument that was entirely new to them… The only rules were that everyone had to [...]

The Late Movies: Music From Unexpected Places

Tonight’s edition of the Late Movies looks at the unexpected. Below are a series of clips that feature music in fun and unexpected ways, from a kid who kills on the accordion to a single shot music video. Here’s an interesting social experiment. Want to make people use the stairs? Turn them into a piano! The Strange [...]