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Samantha The Raccoon Is At The Centre Of Controversy

A Toronto Ontario man took a shovel to a family of raccoons that were damaging his gardens. Neighbours, woken by screams, called Animal Services. Meanwhile the mother raccoon came down to the injured baby that had been hit with the spade and picked it up and carried it away. A second pup was taken to Procyon Wildlife, [...]

Kid Brings Home 6-Foot Gator

Kids bring home the craziest things. They bring home bugs, rocks, leaves, and sometimes animals. Michael Dasher, however, brought home something a little more interesting than your average little snake. This fearless 10-year-old brought home a nearly 6-foot alligator. Michael said the alligator ran at him, so he started hitting it with sticks. He said at [...]

Three Albino Raccoons Found

A homeowner in Toronto called a wildlife control company when he saw a unidentified white animal in the garage. Brad Gates of Gates Wildlife Control thought it might be a skunk from the description. The crew found a litter of raccoons -three of them albinos! The kits appeared to be somewhere around six to eight [...]

Wolves taken off endangered species list.

Federal wildlife officials will soon take wolves in the western US off the endangered species list. In an unprecedented step, Congress has chosen to r…

Wildlife by Iain Macarthur

Iain Macarthur used “geometrical patterns and natural elements” to create animal faces and bodies in his series “Wildlife.” I find the owl absolutely mesmerizing, though the bear comes at a very close second. Take a look at them all at Iain’s Behance page: Link | Wildlife as exhibited in Phone Booth Gallery [embedded YouTube clip]

Wildlife From the World’s Largest Wetland

Spread across the eastern borders of Paraguay and Bolivia along with the western edge of Brazil sits the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetlands area. With ten times the space of the everglades, these South American wetlands serves as the home to thousands of animals. In fact, it has the densest concentration of wildlife in South [...]

Grand Piano on a Sand Bar

Some Miami residents couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a grand piano out in Biscayne Bay, perched atop a sandbar. How and why the piano got there is a mystery. A grand piano weighs at least 650 pounds and is unwieldly to move, said Bob Shapiro, a salesman at Piano Music Center in Pembroke Park. [...]

The Ins & Outs of Exotic Animal Smuggling

This article originally appeared in mental_floss magazine. If you’re in a subscribing mood, here are the details. by Ethan Trex Earlier this week, airport authorities in Wellington, New Zealand, caught a smuggler as he tried to slip onto a flight. The German citizen wasn’t smuggling drugs, guns, or cash, though. His cargo was a bit more alive: [...]

Ten Year Old Bonds With Elephants

Winston in southern Oregon is where many tourists stop on their journeys north and south along Interstate 5; it’s where Wildlife Safari is. Recently the park acquired some help in the form of Wylie Malek, an autistic young boy people are calling a “natural elephant man.” It seems he’s bonded with the gentle giants, and [...]

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Disqualified

We posted the Iberian wolf picture that won Jose Luis Rodriguez the 2009 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. Now the contest judges have decided to take back the award because the wolf is not exactly “wildlife”. The experts compared the winning picture to pictures of Ossian, a tame wolf that lives at a [...]