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Can You Find The Hidden Animals In These 20 Wildlife Photos?

Hunting down the animals in each of these wildlife photos by Art Wolfe is no easy task, they’ve blended into their surroundings so well that even a trained eye will have trouble spotting them. And don’t let the giraffe pic above fool you, the rest of the hidden critters are much harder to find! Link

Bat Smoothies

Bev Brown runs the Ashburton Wildlife Shelter in Victoria, Australia, home to endangered grey-headed flying foxes. In this gallery, you’ll see a 12-week-old bat named Camilla enjoy Bev’s special fruit smoothies she makes as a treat for the animals on hot days. Who knew you could drink a smoothie while hanging upside-down? Link -via Metafilter (Image [...]

A Zoologist’s Amazing Origami Animals

Spawning sockeye salmon For wildlife zoologist Bernie Peyton, animal life inspires not only scientific curiosity but artistic creativity. For decades, he has folded paper to raise awareness about wildlife conservation: “I write a lot of boring [academic] articles nobody reads, but conservation also has to appeal to the emotional side,” Peyton told Wired. “That’s why I do [...]

Rare Leopard Spotted in Afghanistan

Wildlife experts thought leopards were locally extinct in Afghanistan, but this one was captured snarling at a camera trap in September. The camera trap, set by the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Afghan central highlands, also caught pictures of lynx, wild cats, wolves, red foxes, stone martens, and even a pair of poachers. See them [...]

Impossible Worlds Created By Photo Manipulation

Stark landscapes populated with impossible combinations of wildlife, vulnerable humans and ominous weather-these images are the stuff of dreams if you live on the dark side, beautifully photographed and digitally manipulated by artist Sarolta Ban. Check out the gallery, its full of images that seem like they were shot on location at the edge of [...]

Death from Above

Wildlife photographer Markus Varesvuo snapped this amazing picture of a herring gull attacking an eagle. Gulls often join together to drive predators away from breeding grounds, but sometimes solitary gulls do the dirty work, too. For the greatest impact, they swoop in from above and behind a bird of prey. Link -via Marginal Revolution | Photographer’s [...]


(YouTube link) Wildlife photographers (and brothers) Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas created the BeetlCam. It’s a remote-control 4-wheel-drive miniature vehicle (toy) with a remote-control camera mounted on top, designed to take pictures of dangerous wild animals. Here we see the gadget in action in Tanzania. It appears to work very well! -via Laughing Squid

Save a Baby Woodpecker? You’re Fined!

When 11-year-old aspiring veterinarian Skylar Capo came across a baby woodpecker about to be cat lunch, she sprang into action and saved it. When she couldn’t find the baby’s mom, she took it home to take care of it … that’s when she (and the bird) ran into a danger far worse than the feline [...]

Awesome WWF Animals Illusion Poster

This World Wildlife Fund poster features a ton of hidden animals in the bushes.I know it’s hard to see at this size, but if you click on the link, you can enlarge the picture and try to see them all. How many can you find? Link

Life-Sized LEGO Animals

At the Bronx Zoo, now through September 30, you can visit life-sized LEGO recreations of some of your favorite animals. The animals-in-brick are part of the Great Summer Zoofari, a Lego Wildlife Expedition which aims to shed some light on “the challenges faced by wildlife due to habitat loss and other threats to their survival.” [...]