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Hundred of Maxes At A Wild Rumpus

Hundreds of kids dressed up as Max and cavorted with (attacked) a Wild Thing at a Wild Rumpus party held in Toronto October 4th in anticipation of the Where the Wld Things Are Movie, which opens nationwide today. Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by rebeccabunch.

Where the Wilds Things Ought To Be

Lots of artists are entering the contest “Where the Wild Things Ought To Be”, placing characters from the Maurice Sendak classic into other worlds, real and fictional. The entries include Max and his buddies in The Dark Knight, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Where’s Waldo, and even on Fox News! This entry has Vincent [...]

Sew a “Where the Wild Things Are” Hat!

Jessy Ratfink shows us how to make an adorable “Where the Wild Things Are” hat (With whiskers and pointy ears.). Make one for your child to wear for Halloween, or wear it for Halloween yourself, or better yet, wear it to the cinemas as you watch the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie. Let [...]

Alone in the Wild: Yukon Survival Saga

“QUANTUM SHOT” #586Link – by A. Abrams Film-maker Ed Wardle’s Trek Across the Canadian Yukon – Follow the Adventure Online! You’ll remember our previous article about survival techniques in the Western wilderness – Man vs. Wild. This time we present another harrowing survival odyssey in the Canadian Yukon (this time in cooperation with the National Geographic Society, [...]