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Rare Leopard Spotted in Afghanistan

Wildlife experts thought leopards were locally extinct in Afghanistan, but this one was captured snarling at a camera trap in September. The camera trap, set by the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Afghan central highlands, also caught pictures of lynx, wild cats, wolves, red foxes, stone martens, and even a pair of poachers. See them [...]

Cats Are Graceful Drinkers

Cats may be neater drinkers than we are. They use a technique that balances gravity and inertia to avoid making splashes that would hit their whiskers. Videos of an eight year old cat named Cutta Cutta and various wild cats explain the process. An Academy Award-winning film recorded by MIT engineer Doc Edgerton in 1941 showed [...]

Top 11 Oddball Tax Deductions

People have deducted swimming pools, breast implants, and body oil from their income for tax purposes -and the IRS allowed it! You can deduct anything if you can justify it as a legitimate business expense. Eleven people did just that in this article from Kiplinger. 1. Pet food. A couple who owned a junkyard were allowed [...]