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Having a Ball

(YouTube link) The YouTube title of the video making the rounds is “Someone Should Tell This Girl That This Can’t Be Done.” But you know how some people insist on doing the impossible. The rhythmic gymnast here is Boyanka Angelova {wiki} of Bulgaria, and this performance in 2008 won her second place. -via reddit

Good For Me

DDT {wiki} is a pesticide that was used extensively in the US from 1939 until it was banned in 1972. It was very effective in controlling insects that spread typhus in Europe and malaria in tropical regions, but it also accumulated in the ecosystem, killed wildlife, and was found to have harmful effects on humans [...]


Vasaloppet {wiki} is an annual 90km cross-country ski race that is billed as the largest in the world. This year’s race took place March 6th between the towns of Sälen and Mora in Sweden. See a video of the more than 15,000 people who took part this year. Link -via Dark Roasted Blend

Ten Word Wiki

Ten Word Wiki describes itself as “an encyclopedia for the ADD generation.” The site is like Wikipedia, but all entries are limited to ten words. Since there aren’t that many entries yet, you may want to browse the “recent changes” tab. Here is the entry for “pie”. A savoury or sweet gloop, usually lumpy, encased in [...]

Graffiti in Motion

(vimeo link) Arnaud Jourdain took photographs of a wall over five years to create this video with evolving layers of graffiti used as animation. It was made as a tribute to Serge Gainsbourg {wiki}, who lived behind the wall before his death in 1991. Link -via Nag on the Lake