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I Am Unreasonably Excited About This Thermostat

I consider myself a computer geek — I’m comfortable with that. But today I’m having a new feeling: apparently I’m a thermostat geek. Yesterday I came across the Nest “Learning Thermostat,” which has been making the rounds of nerd blogs. Basically, this is a computer-driven thermostat with some fancy features: [...]

Happy WiFi Day!

Today is WiFi Day (8-02-11)! I’m not sure how we’re supposed to celebrate, but I’ll throw out two questions for discussion: 1. What’s the strangest place you’ve picked up a WiFi connection? 2. What are some other meaningful five-digit (or six-digit) once-a-century dates? Last year we had a 9-02-10, which was special.

WiFi Password Sampler

Craftster user Omega Chicken made this sampler as a simple way to remember her WiFi password: My housemate got the idea from when friends come over with laptops and mobile devices and always need to connect to her wifi. It was a hassle looking at the router every time and she doesn’t know how to change [...]