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Great White Shark 3D Anatomy Model

Great White Shark 3D Anatomy Model - $24.95 Are you crazy about sharks? You need the Great White Shark 3D Anatomy Model from the NeatoShop! This amazingly detailed 3D puzzle of the great white shark is made of 20 fantastic pieces. It comes complete with a stand and illustrated guide book. Get to know this ferocious [...]

Wolverine vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Who will win? My money’s on Logan. Maybe if it was a T-Rex that had been crossed with a Great White Shark, that would be different. Click on the link to see the end of the fight, as depicted by Andrew Hou. Link via The Mary Sue

Tourist killed by "dinosaur sized" shark

A tourist has been killed at Fish Hoek beach in Cape Town after being eaten by a “dinosaur sized” great white shark. In a scene reminiscent of Steven …

10-foot Shark Nearly Bitten in Half by 20-foot Shark

A 10-foot Great White Shark had been hooked already by a baited drum line off the coast of Queensland, Australia when it was attacked and bitten by a much bigger fish. Based on the bite marks, the attacker is presumed to be a 20-foot long Great White shark. Swimmers were warned away from the area [...]