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Sea Butterfly

It’s hard to believe but that otherworldly creature above, photographed by Alexander Semenov, lives in our ocean rather than on the pages of a sci-fi novel. The sea angel above was found in the White Sea, northwest [...]

Modern-day ‘Robinson Crusoe’ Saved in White Sea

(YouTube link) Sergei Ganyushev, a 25-year-old from Arkhangelsk, Russia, was stranded on an island in the White Sea only 150 kilometers from the Arctic Circle for 16 days. He set out along on October first to gather seaweed, but his boat sprang a leak. Sergei managed to swim to Malaya Sennukha, one of the small stony islets [...]

Link Latte 154

#154 – Week of March 26, 2011 New Mind-boggling Tsunami Video – [wow nature]Our Solar System in a Beautiful Motion – [cool site]Pop-up Restaurant Comes Near You! – [architecture]Sinister Black: Sand Storm in Kuwait – [wow video]Fantastic Photos of White Sea Jelly Fish – [nature]Awesome/Creepy Japanese Dancers – [Machine Civilization]Surreal Art by Craola, more – [wow [...]

7 Super-Sized (And Somewhat Insane) Soviet Projects

The Soviet Union decided the best way to show up the West was to build the biggest version of any given object. The following are just seven of the largest examples. 1. A Palace for the People In 1931, Joseph Stalin ordered that the largest Orthodox Christian cathedral in the world— 335 feet high, the product of [...]