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6 Pieces of Folksy Wisdom That Are Actually True

It’s the holidays again. That means family, and family means listening to insane, ill-informed debates over every subject imaginable. But just because your relatives are old and probably a little crazy doesn’t mean everything they say is nonsense. When it comes to some of that old down-home folksy wisdom, for example, they’re actually right. 1. You [...]

12 Underappreciated (But Equally Precious) Bodily Fluids

Fluids image via Shutterstock Blood, sweat, tears? Classic bodily fluids. And then there’s mucus, spit, semen, and urine – well known to juvenile minds everywhere. But blood, for instance, only makes up 9% of your total bodily fluid. What else is oozing around inside you? 1. Interstitial Fluid Interstitial Fluid, AKA tissue fluid, works in conjunction with [...]

What Happens to a Donor’s DNA in a Blood Transfusion?

Reader Cathy wrote in wondering what becomes of a donor’s DNA once it gets inside another person during a blood transfusion. Most of the time, the answer is nothing, because the donor’s DNA never makes the trip to a new home. Modern transfusions typically use only certain components of blood (i.e. red and white blood cells, [...]

Immune Attack: Video Game To Teach Kids About Cell Biology

Isaac Asimov’s Fantastic Voyage is one of my favorite books ever, so I found this pretty neat: The Federation of American Scientists has developed a video game called Immune Attack to teach high school kids the basics of cell biology. The game involves navigating a nanobot through a 3D environment of blood vessels and connective [...]