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If Disney Villains Had Won

It seems like fan art is all “Disney, Disney, Disney!” these days, but once in a while a worthy collection of images presents itself, like this series by Justin Turrentine that imagines what the ending of popular Disney movies would have looked like if the villains had won. Cruella gets her spotted coat, Ursula has one [...]

Do You Hear Russian Folk Music?

Laugh-Out-Loud Cat #2065 It’s been a while since we featured the adventures of Pip and Kitteh, the original Laugh-Out-Loud Cats by our pal Adam Koford (who also illustrated some really neat T-shirts [...]

A Law To Visit Your Parents?

Haven’t visited your parents in a while? You may be a lawbreaker. Shocked by a statistics that more than 33% of Chinese people visit their parents but once a year (and nearly 12% haven’t visited in many years), [...]

A Craft Doctor Mario Could Appreciate

Has your Prozac stopped working? Then maybe these adorable little knitted plushies can sub in as your new happy pills -at least, for a while, since they probably won’t keep the serotonin levels up too long. Link Via Craftzine

Screenshots of Despair

Every once in a while, a message pops up on your computer that makes perfect sense for what you’re doing at the time, but you might notice how dreadfully depressing it could be out of context. You’re not the only one who noticed that, and that’s how the site Screenshots of Despair came about. Looking [...]

Big Cats with Mirrors

(YouTube link) Every once in a while, Big Cat Rescue produces a video to show us how much big cats and wild cats are like the house cats we are familiar with. We’ve seen them play with balls and laser pointers and we’ve seen them get high on catnip. Now we see the cats getting their [...]

e-Urinal Tests Your Urine And Reports Health Issues

A while back I posted an article about a urinal which doubles as a video game, and this invention was actually well received, even though I still don’t understand the allure. But this concept design for an e-Urinal really makes sense to me–a unit which is able to scan your urine and report possible health issues [...]

15 of the Greatest Gifts in the History of Presents

Every once in a while, you think you’ve found the most perfect gift ever. But does it compare to the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to the United States? Mental_floss has a roundup of the biggest, costliest, and most thoughtful gifts ever given. For example, General Sherman notified his boss of an impressive [...]

Awesome Photo-Sensitive Ribbon

I love how personal this photo-printed ribbon is. Sure you might have to look around for a while to find some actual film and a camera that uses it, but once you do, you can use the negatives to create your own unique and beautiful hair ribbon. Learn how to make your own over at [...]

10 Hilarious Local Commercials

(Video Link) A while ago I shared a great video from local commercial kings Rhett & Link, and now Oddee has even more hilarious local commercials, some made by the master duo (like this one) and some are more authentically terrible. Link