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Skip the Long Security Lines at the Airport with a Wheelchair

Long wait at the airport security line? Savvy travelers know the shortcut: simply request an airport wheelchair, no proof of disability required! The practice, tacitly endorsed by a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy [...]

Artist Explores the Sea in Her Wheelchair

Sue Austin, an artist in the UK, can see the wonders of the ocean without leaving her wheelchair: To move through oceanic depths, the wheelchair uses a propeller and fins positioned at the back of Austin’s legs that allow her to steer via an acrylic strip attached to her feet. According toSmartPlanet, the design originally proved [...]

9 People Who Rose to the Challenge

People with disabilities have the same aspirations as anyone, whether they came up with a dream before or after they became disabled. And, like those in the general population, there are a few who will do whatever it takes to make their dream come true, or to live their lives the way they want. Here [...]

Chase Scene

(YouTube link) Jesef, in a motorized wheelchair, is chased by a desert tortoise named Cruiser. As exciting as this is, I can’t help but think it needs more Yakety Sax. -via Buzzfeed

Lawn Chair Wheelchairs

Don Schoendorfer makes wheelchairs out of lawn chairs and bicycle wheels. His hobby was inspired by a woman in India who crawled across the dirt because she had no wheelchair. After building 100 of the inexpensive chairs, Schoendorfer founded the organization Free Wheelchair Mission in order to get the chairs shipped to those who need [...]

Tongue Studs Can Give Paralyzed People Greater Control Over Mobility Devices

Martin Mireles has been paralyzed from the neck down for nearly twenty years. He can maneuver a mobility chair by steering it with his mouth, but a new magnetic tongue stud developed by researchers at the Northwestern University School of Medicine makes it a lot easier: Mr. Mireles, 37, tested the equipment one recent afternoon by [...]

A Sitting President’s Memorial

This President’s Day article is from the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges Into the Presidency. FDR spent his entire presidency hiding the fact that he needed a wheelchair, and he wanted a memorial that would do the same. Future generations disagreed. Four years before his death, Franklin Delano Roosevelt told Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter that [...]

Quadriplegic Hunter Controls Shotgun With Breathing Tube

After a football injury at the age of sixteen, Jamie Cap became paralyzed from the neck down. Now, thirty years later, he controls a shotgun attached to his wheelchair with a breathing tube. Getting legal permission was a substantial struggle, but now he’s been cleared by a court to start shooting: Cap, 46, recently won a [...]

Shopping Cart Chair

It might not be comfortable or all that functional, but this shopping cart chair is just undeniably cool. It can even work as a wheelchair if necessary. Instructables can tell you how to make one of your very own. Link