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Two Men Run Wild in Empty Airport Terminal

What would you do if you connecting flight was canceled and you were stuck in the Dallas Forth-Worth airport all night? If you were photographer Joe Ayala and friend Larry Chen you would make an epic video when you discover you are seemingly the only people in the terminal. The duo drank beer from ice [...]

Paralyzed Student Uses Exoskeleton To Walk At Graduation

Some day devices will be readily available to help wheel chair bound people walk again. Watch the video at the link to see a paralyzed man walk with the help of an exoskeleton. A 22-year-old paraplegic college graduate, paralyzed since a 2007 car crash, used an exoskeleton to walk across the stage Saturday to receive his [...]

A Normandy Veteran Meets The President

The context of the photo is explained at the White House’s Flickr photostream: June 6, 2009 “After his speech in Normandy, a crush of people tried to get close to the President to shake his hand. I noticed this guy waiting patiently and then literally being pushed back into the crowd. I felt bad for him, and [...]

Wheelchair-Bound Man Tackles Suspected Child Molester

Cameron Aulner is not a man inclined to let his disability limit him. While working his first day at the Comcast table at a Westminster, Colorado Wal-Mart, he intercepted a suspected child molester, tackled him, and held him down until police arrvied: The affidavit says one witness, Chris Bevin, saw the suspect, 34-year-old Kevin Salyers, run [...]