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Does wheat contribute to ill-health ?

Dr. William Davis believes modern wheat crops could be contributing to several chronic health conditions. Dr. Davis contends that the wheat that is gr…

Crop circles appear in Eastern Washington

A series of mysterious crop circles have turned up in a wheat field near to the Grand Coulee dam. The designs resemble a four-leaf clover and have fla…

These Ducks Want It Their Way

Most ducks are content to eat stale bread thrown to them by old men at parks, but these five are particularly snobbish. They only want freshly baked, toasted wheat bread with a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of olive oil. You go blue blood ducks! Link

200ft crop circle within yards of Stonehenge

A massive crop circle has turned up in a wheat field right next to the historic Stonehenge. Speculation continues as to who is responsible, some belie…