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Mechawhales Have Come To Save The Day

(YouTube Link) This animated short by Hauke Scheer has it all-action, aliens, and whales in mecha armor powered  by their minds. The one thing this short doesn’t have is the music rights to AC/DC’s classic song “Back In Black”, so Hauke came up with his own version, which sounds pretty close to the original. This short left me [...]

Beluga Whale Enjoys Mariachi Band Performance

(YouTube Link) Whether or not this whale is enjoying the show is up for debate, but one thing is certain-his eyes are locked on the mariachis as they play. Maybe it’s their shiny suits or instruments that have caught the whales attention, or maybe he’s just wishing he could grab all three men and drown them [...]

Whales are polite conversationalists

A group of marine biologists have developed a new tool that can detect and identify the sounds made by individual whales communicating with one an…