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World’s Most Expensive Ham Costs $2,942 (USD)

Iberico ham began selling in London for £1,800 for a 15-pound leg joint. It’s the world’s most expensive pork, raised in western Spain and delivered in luxurious conditions: The pigs were fed on a diet of acorns and roots to give the ham a distinctive flavour. After being slaughtered their ham was salted and cured for three [...]

Masatrigo Hill Nature’s Perfect Cone

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly perfect, but Masatrigo Hill, or Cerro Masatrigo is as close as you can get to finding a natural cone-shaped landmark. Cerro Masatrigo, or Masatrigo Hill, is a cone-shaped hill located in Badajoz province (Extremadura autonomous community) in western Spain. Geographically Masatrigo Hill also lies in the territory of La Siberia [...]