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Gorilla Gets Pet Bunny Rabbit

Samantha is a 47-year-old western lowland gorilla who lives at the Erie Zoo. Her gorilla partner died in 2005, and zoo officials believe she is too old to confront another new gorilla. But to keep her from loneliness, they found her a companion in a young Dutch rabbit named Panda. “To have something sharing their space [...]

Do Animals Know an Earthquake is About to Hit?

Did animals know that the 5.8-magnitude earthquake was to hit the East Coast before it happened? Maybe so, according to zoo keepers: Behavior ranged from jumping into trees and "vocalizing," to banding together. Red [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Celebrity Zoo Residents

With the recent popularity of the Bronx Zoo Cobra, I thought it was a good time to check out some other zoo animals that received celebrity status during their heydays. I don’t know if any of their Twitter feeds could have competed with the Cobra’s nearly quarter of a million followers, though! 1. Knut the polar [...]