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You’re Never Bored with a Gourd!

Every year, the Upton family of Slindon, West Sussex, England displays their crop of gourds by arranging them to make an artwork. It’s a tradition that started by accident in the late 1960s. This picture is from 2009. You can see this year’s creation and images from other seasons at Kuriositas. Link -via the Presurfer (Image [...]

Lawnmower + Boat = Shortcutter

John Hinton of Horsham in West Sussex, England, combined a boat and a lawnmower to make a vehicle he can drive around traffic jams by slipping into a canal. John’s ‘Shortcutter’, made from a sit-on lawnmower and an old boat, can chug along the roads at a ‘relaxing’ 9kph (6mph), then take to the water at [...]