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What Are the Real Odds?

Jen Clarke of West London opened four eggs in a row that were all double-yolked. The odds of such a thing happening must be astronomical -or are they? According to the British Egg Information Service, one in every thousand eggs on average is a double-yolker. They’re not sure how they’ve come to this figure but you [...]

Council Sends Refugees to Dog Club

The Hammersmith and Fulham Council in England is in the process of selling off a building to make room for the West London free school. Twenty community aid organizations are being evicted. One of them is the Afghan Council UK, which advises refugees from Afghanistan. The report suggested that refugees who use the centre could instead [...]

Johnson’s World of Softness pop up billboard

People walk past Johnson’s World of Softness pop-up billboard featuring live models advertising 24 hour body lotion, at Westfield Shopping Centre, in west London.Source : Metro

Is Stealing Wi-Fi Wrong?

Flip open and fire up your laptop, find an unsecured wi-fi signal and check your email … have you just stolen wi-fi? It may be illegal in some places, but is it immoral? Can wi-fi be stolen? Here’s an interesting article by Finlo Rohrer of the BBC News Magazine about whether “stealing” wi-fi is wrong: So here’s [...]

7 Horrifying Aircraft Landings (in which no one died)

Many people board an airplane flight thinking that if anything goes wrong, they will probably die. We board anyway, knowing that the odds of something going wrong are pretty small. In these seven stories, hundreds of passengers thought it was the end for them, but thanks to skilled pilots and crew members (and a fair [...]

The Late Movies: 9 Low-Budget “Classic Alternative” Music Videos

I grew up watching 120 Minutes, an MTV show that aired starting at midnight on Sunday night. This made waking up for school on Monday morning hard, but at least I got to catch the newest “alternative” videos (The Cure, The Replacements, The Breeders, that sort of thing) which rarely aired in the normal MTV [...]