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11 Famous Roommates From the World of Sports

Most of us remember our college roommates as partners in crime who ate all our Easy Mac. Some famous athletes may remember their roommates as “that four-time Super Bowl winner who slept on the bottom bunk,” though. Here’s a look at 11 famous roommate pairings from the world of sports: 1. Tony Dungy and Flip Saunders The [...]

Dietribes: Water Water Everywhere! Part Two

For those of you whose thirst wasn’t quenched with the last Dietribes, here’s another round of water facts for you to paddle, wade, swim or float through: • Worried about drinking your 8 glasses of water a day? Turns out it may be a myth … • However, there is definitely the possibility of drinking too [...]

PhD Comics: Peak Productivity

One of my favorite science comic artists, Jorge Cham of PhD Comics, nailed yet another one with this panel. Incidentally, it is 2AM on the West Coast when I post this one up. Link | If you’re new to PhD Comics, go here for the good stuff