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Thanks for Clearing That Up

So those astronomy books that I just threw away weren’t wrong? This newspaper correction, allegedly from the Ottawa Citizen, comes a little too late. Link -via The Agitator | Ottawa Citizen

Bang! Bang! Banana Gun Will Shoot You Down

Now that’s a fancy banana, it looks just like a .45 caliber with a gorgeous carved handle. It would be too beautiful to eat if it weren’t for the fact that the artwork will just rot away in a few hours anyway. Link Via BuzzFeed

Sticky Hand

  Remember those sticky hand toys that seemed to multiply when you weren’t looking? My kids brought them home from everywhere, and I found them stuck to everything, rolled up in dust bunnies, spread around in the dryer, or tangled in a kid’s hair. But now you (or your kids) can play with one online, which [...]

Candid Celebrity Portraits From The 70s And 80s

Remember when celebrity portraits weren’t photoshopped, and the stars were allowed to relax and be themselves, rather than posing on ridiculously overdone sets in the latest couture ensemble? This series by Norman Seeff finds celebs relaxing, goofing around, and occasionally just hangin’ out in full outfit and makeup (I’m looking at you KISS). Take a stroll [...]

11 Lists of 11

In case you weren’t obsessively refreshing yesterday, here’s what you missed from our 11 lists extravaganza: 1. How to Hire a Hitman: 11 Fascinating Search Suggestions from Google * 2. 11 Random Facts About Kissing * 3. 11 Expansion Teams That Just Missed the Cut * 4. 11 Awesome Outdoor and Interactive Ads * 5. 11 Examples of ‘Perfect Strangers’ Fan Art * 6. The [...]

Retro Commercial – Radio Shack Cell Phones – 1990

Ahhh, 1990! Things were just getting going, weren’t they?

The First Few Minutes of the Ferris Bueller TV Show

If you weren’t in a quiz-taking mood earlier today, you missed this clip from the TV adaptation of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which debuted in 1990 and lasted 13 episodes. An early NY Times review compared it unfavorably to the year’s other new high school series, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. In this clip, TV Ferris [...]

Sanzhi Pod City

Oh, how I wish these weren’t abandoned. Sanzhi Pod City in Sanzhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, looks like something straight out of the Jetsons. The complex of pod apartments was built in 1978… or, almost built. The funding went awry and now all that’s left are these futuristic-looking ruins. Retronaut has a great gallery [...]

How To Pitch a Blockbuster

If your movie pitch got rejected, perhaps you weren’t using the right buzzwords. Mike Jacobsen of See Mike Draw explains the secret of pitching a blockbuster to Hollywood: Link See also Mike Jacobsen’s T-Shirt designs at the NeatoShop

mental_floss gets a Big Bang!

If you weren’t looking, you probably missed it, but the latest issue of mental_floss magazine made a cameo tonight on the hilariously smart CBS hit: Big Bang Theory. This probably won’t satiate Jason, who’s been jonesing to get one of our t-shirts on one of the main characters, but it’s a start Be honest [...]