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These Two Are Looking to Get Revenge on the Burger King

Too long has the smiling king been a shining beacon of hope to the people. These two are here to knock him down. Fortunately, they still haven’t required Poison Wendy to join their team or the Dark King would certainly be done for. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Looking For A $16 Burger That’s Actually Worth $16?

Earlier, Alex posted that Amtrack’s burgers cost $16 -and from what I can tell, they aren’t even very good. If you want to shell out $16 for a burger that’s actually worth the cost (and happen to live in Japan), then you might want to head over to Wendy’s. Sure, their stateside burgers might not be [...]

The Secret to Wendy’s Success: Round-ish Burgers

If you’ve eaten at a Wendy’s fast food joint recently, you’ve noticed that their restaurants have a bit more customers. Indeed, Wendy’s is set to outpace Burger King to claim the number two spot [...]

Super Friends Birthday Cake

It’s understandable why the Wonder Twins are absent. But no Marvin and Wendy? They were, like, the backbone of the show. Still, Ray, a Geeks Are Sexy reader, got a pretty good birthday cake. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Fast Food Final Fantasy

This great shot of two (presumably) cosplayers was shot by Steve Burt at Anime Expo 2008 in Los Angeles. Ronald Sephiroth battles Colonel Cloud. If Wendy joined in, what Final Fantasy character would she be? Link via Popped Culture


“For two (2) dollars I will call your friend or enemy or boss or whoever and pretend to be a turtle for up to two (2) minutes. I am the first and best company for your turtlecall needs — the copycats may be cheaper but they barely even sound like real turtles.” This is the [...]

Putting a Good Face on it: The Evolution of Mr. Potato Head

It started as body parts you jabbed into real potatoes and became a cultural phenomenon, resulting in some sweet film roles and government work. Let’s go back to the beginning. 1949: A Spud is Born Brooklyn-born toy inventor George Lerner tries to capitalize on kids who like to play with their food. Surprisingly, Lerner’s idea of creating [...]

12 Tips From The Stupidest Criminals of 2010

Most lawbreakers aren’t exactly geniuses, but these troublemakers cross the line between foolishness and downright ineptitude. To at least help prevent any more crimes of this level of stupidity, here are a few tips for aspiring criminals without any level of common sense. Don’t Make Assumptions There are a lot of situations where slang is a bad [...]

Dietribes: Chili Weather

• Whether it came from the turn-of-the century prison system, the 1893 World’s Fair or the Chili Queens of San Antonio (or from traditional dishes prepared by Mexicans living in the Southwest), chili’s popularity has never slowed – today it carries the distinction (among many) of being the state dish of Texas, a cook-off classic, the [...]

The Evolution of Mr. Potato Head

The first Mr. Potato Head (1952) – via National Institute of Health 1949: A SPUD IS BORN Brooklyn-born toy inventor George Lerner tries to capitalize on kids who like to play with their food. Surprisingly, Lerner’s idea of creating face and body parts that can be jabbed into potatoes is a hard sell. Toy companies worry [...]