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The Meat from This Grill Will Blow You Away

Welding students at Sandpoint High School in Sandpoint, Idaho made this amazing grill that looks like a Smith & Wesson Model 500 revolver. The students built the 15-foot rig using materials donated by a local gun shop. Be sure to wear eye and ear protection before lighting it up. Link -via Walyou | Photo: Craziest Gadgets P.S. [...]

High School Prank: Seniors Weld Truck Around Column

Liberty Bell High School in Winthrop, Washington recently began offering classes in welding. Seniors there put their skills to good use by cutting a truck in half, then welding it back together around a column — all without damaging the column. Link -via Dave Barry | Photo: Komo News

Metalworking as Kinetic Art

I’ve always associated oxyacetylene torch with the brutish but necessary industrial activity of welding but never art. Well, the resulting metal thingy may be an artistic sculpture, but the acts of cutting and welding themselves be art? Here’s a video clip by benderautomatic over at SuicideBots blog that’s aiming to prove that metalwork itself is [...]