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Zombie/Steven Spielberg

Draw2D2 has a collection of art mashups called “Zombie/Steven Spielberg” that place zombies in Spielberg movies, or otherwise combine the two ideas. The example shown is by Alex Ryan. Go see the rest! Link -Thanks, Jason Welborn!

The Man with the Kryptonite Gun

Artist Jason Welborn mashed up two of your favorite movie heros in this poster, featuring Clark Kent as agent 007 in The Man with the Kryptonite Gun. It’s part of collection of DC Comics/James Bond mashups featured at Draw2D2. Link -via @johncfarrier

Pokémon/Dr. Seuss Mashup Contest

The cartoon blog Draw 2D2, I gather, offers a regular stream of mashups between different pairs of pop culture icons. Most recently, the artists there tackled Pokémon and Dr. Seuss. Jason Welborn added a few lines of Seussian poetry to his contribution. Link via Popped Culture