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2012’s Ten Worst Movies (According to Reviewers)

It’s December, and you know what that means: year-end lists of the preceding 12 month’s best and worst everything. This is just such a list: 10 movies that were terribvle enough to be called the worst. (Anyone remember A Little Bit of Heaven?)  Over the weekend, Gerard Butler’s new romantic comedy Playing for Keeps failed to play well [...]

This Weekend, We’re Letting College Kids Take Over

Getty Images* You might remember that request Jason posted a couple of weeks ago—the one asking college students to pitch us ideas for a little thing we call College Weekend. Well, that weekend is almost upon us. Starting at 8pm on Friday, we’ll be featuring a bunch of stories from college students—who are attending schools like McGill, [...]

Star Wars at the Coronet Theater

Did you happen to go see Star Wars on its opening weekend in San Francisco in 1977? Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle found and posted photos of the crowds at the Coronet Theater waiting to see the new film Star Wars, and he wants to find those folks. Even if you weren’t there, [...]

10 Alternative Uses for Booze (That Don’t Involve Getting Drunk)

Assuming you have any left over from your weekend debauchery, there are a few good ways to put your booze to use. Ways that won’t result in arrest or texting your ex at 3am. (You really shouldn’t do that.) From moisturizer to deodorizer, alcohol has at least ten alternative applications, all of which are arguably [...]

5 Questions: Sour Mash

We’ve turned your weekend hangover into today’s 5 Questions quiz: Sour Mash

Your All-Time Favorite Children’s Books

1. Whether or not you have kids, you were one at some point. Can I get your help compiling a list of the best children’s books? There must be some parents out there looking for reading material. 2. What is the most underrated city you’ve visited or lived in? 3. If you had to be roommates with [...]

A Bunch Of Fun DIY Projects For The Long Weekend Ahead

If the idea of a three day weekend with nothing to do seems like torture via boredom then take a gander at these neat DIY projects and get to building! You might not be able to build an entire TARDIS from scratch in three days, unless you have some serious carpentry skills, but a Star Trek [...]

Triceratops Tractor

This contraption was spotted last weekend in Shoreditch, London, England. So far, the creator is unknown, but that may change. Meanwhile, you can see a video of people examining it at Obvious Winner. Link -via The Daily What

If The Avengers Were In The Olympics

Yes, the Olympics are wrapping up this weekend, but we still have enough time to squeeze in DeviantArt user scargeear’s take on what would happen if The Avengers competed in the games. Black Widow seems like she’d be great at gymnastics and there’s no doubt that Captain America would be great at discus, but I [...]

Photo-Realistic Paintings of Hero Toys

Zeon and I are at Comic Con this weekend and while we won’t have anything to show you until later in the week, I thought you might all appreciate these fantastic hyper-realist paintings by Simon Monk for the time being. There is a whole set featuring all sorts of costumed crusaders locked inside tiny plastic [...]