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A Belly Dancer’s Wedding Dress

JoEllen Elam, an artist whose motto is “when in doubt add more glitter,” made this wedding dress for a belly dancer: She is a belly dancer with a beautiful tattoo on her back that she wanted to elegantly show on her wedding day. I designed a gown that would be worthy of a princess belly dancer [...]

Eye of Sauron Wedding Cake

It doesn’t say specifically that this fabulous cake was made for a wedding, but the tables in the background are a giveaway. The cake is a recreation of Sauron’s Barad-Dûr Tower in the Lord of the Rings saga. It was made by Cake Central member solociachef21. Link -via Geekologie

Bridezilla’s Letter to Potential Bridesmaids

An unnamed bride sent a group email to her best friends, laying out the requirements for those who decide they want to be one of her bridesmaids. It’s quite extensive. You get the feeling that she’s already put way more thought and effort into the perfect wedding day than she’s put into the marriage itself [...]

I Now Pronounce You Plumber & Wife

The great thing about this Mario wedding cake is that it has so many details from so many of the different games. I love that even Rainbow Road has a place here. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Time to Cut the Ca….Exterminate!!!!

Reddit user eclaire4186 had some of the greatest wedding cakes I’ve ever seen. These wedding cakes you have to cut before it’s too late! Link Via When Geeks Wed

This Wedding Brought to You By Gears of War

Who knew retro lancers are not only good for slaughtering grubs, but also for cutting wedding cakes? Now that’s such a romantic way to share your mutual appreciation for a video game. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Couple Gets Married, Dances in Jetpacks

I’m now kicking myself for not thinking of it first: The 25-year-old former wedding planner from Grand Rapids, Mich., says she wanted a unique ceremony. So the couple donned the $90,000 contraptions on their backs, along with a wetsuit for the groom and white board shorts and a rash-guard shirt for the bride. The jetpacks from Jetlev Southwest [...]

Cthulhu Wedding Cake

What better time to show off this Cthulhu wedding cake than on author H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday! It was made by Kerry’s Custom Cakes of South Park, Pennsylvania, for redditor lakshmispet’s wedding. See more photos of it in the baker’s Facebook gallery. Link -via Rue The Day Previously: two other Cthulhucakes.

Borg Wedding Cake

The theme of the wedding must have been “Resistance is Futile.” It’s a good thing pictures of the cake were taken, as it was quickly assimilated by Star Trek fans at the reception. This awesome Borg cake was made by a baker at The Sugarplum Cake Shoppe in Colorado Springs, who has a nephew on [...]

Does Wedding Rice Really Make Birds Explode?

Getty Images Throwing rice at a newly married couple has been a tradition for thousands of years, possibly going back as far as the ancient Assyrians and Egyptians. The idea is to give the newlyweds good luck, fertility, and abundance using this symbol of a good crop. More recently, wedding meddlers have cautioned against throwing rice [...]