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Potentially Ominous Wedding Ring

Etsy seller Anama doesn’t actually market this ring as a wedding ring. But if someone proposed to you with this ring, could you consider it to be a good or a bad sign? Link

Long lost ring found on growing carrot

A woman in Sweden has found her wedding ring on a carrot in her garden after it was lost for 16 years. Lena Paahlsson had misplaced the ring in 1995 a…

Super Mario-Style Marriage Proposal

(Video Link) Silvas’ girlfriend April loves Super Mario Bros., so he decided to propose marriage to her in an appropriate way. He decorated his living room with game backgrounds and placed the wedding ring in a yellow cube hanging from the ceiling. And then, once she said ‘yes’…. via Kotaku

Guillotine Divorce Ring

Kest Schwartzman of Vagabond Jewelry made this cheerful wedding ring. If you want to end the marriage, there’s a price to be paid. Link | Vagabond Jewelry

10 Humiliating Reasons People Have Been Arrested

Being arrested is bad enough without having some embarrassing details publicized as well. Someday, when your grandchildren ask you if you’ve ever been in the newspaper, on TV, or published on the ‘net, you’ll be glad you aren’t these people! It will be the second offense for Portland’s Gary Moody who was caught hiding inside the [...]