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A Belly Dancer’s Wedding Dress

JoEllen Elam, an artist whose motto is “when in doubt add more glitter,” made this wedding dress for a belly dancer: She is a belly dancer with a beautiful tattoo on her back that she wanted to elegantly show on her wedding day. I designed a gown that would be worthy of a princess belly dancer [...]

Googly Eye Clothes

Well, it’s no balloon wedding dress, but I’m still all googly-eyed over this googly-eye sequins by Phillipe and David Blond [warning: auto-playing sound]! Link via Evil Mad Linkblog

Wedding Dress Made of Balloons

A wedding dress made of balloons just seems like a disaster waiting to happen, but it’s definitely a bridal look guests will remember. Bonus: no pricey dry cleaning bill after the wedding. And apparently this concept isn’t as original as you would think – Yahoo! has a whole gallery of finery made from balloons. Link

Wedding Dress/Cake

A woman named Lukka Sigurdardottir made this edible wedding dress. Or, alternatively, a wearable wedding cake. Link via Digg | Image: Gather and Nest