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Time to Cut the Ca….Exterminate!!!!

Reddit user eclaire4186 had some of the greatest wedding cakes I’ve ever seen. These wedding cakes you have to cut before it’s too late! Link Via When Geeks Wed

Fungus-Infected Toenail Cookies

Why do these bloody toes taste so good? Because they’re actually cookies! Natasha Collins made these cookies as well as severed ear cakepops. Good news, couples: she also does wedding cakes! Link -via Laughing Squid | Artist’s Website

This Wedding Brought to You By Gears of War

Who knew retro lancers are not only good for slaughtering grubs, but also for cutting wedding cakes? Now that’s such a romantic way to share your mutual appreciation for a video game. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

14 Creative Divorce Cakes

We’ve discussed geeky wedding invitations, wedding dresses, and wedding photos. But with so many marriages not lasting forever, the market for “divorce cakes” is alive and well. 1. Don’t Slip, Dear This cake, by Artisan Cake Company, so closely reflects a traditional wedding cake, only it is in black and the groom seems to have had an [...]

Voyager and Borg Wedding Cakes

May they live long and prosper! Star Trek fan Pamela recently got assimilated married. Two wedding cakes graced the event, one a recreation of the starship Voyager and the other a Borg Cube. See another picture at Geeks Are Sexy. Link

Cake Face | Cake Decorating | Cake Designs

Cake Face designers Created by artist Ashkan Honarvar, these ideas Reconstructed Cake Faces are both Awesome Birthday Or Wedding Cakes gruesome and delicious.The art pieces were inspired by the inevitable sufferings that come with violent wars. These faces represent the soldiers from the first world war, who suffered the horror of mutilations to their faces. [...]

Wildly Imaginative Wedding Cakes

The wedding “cake” above seems to be a major splitting issue for many people. While sushi lovers, like myself, would be more than happy to indulge in a cake of nigiri goodness (assuming it’s been refrigerated up until serving time), people who dislike sushi take one look at the thing and want to run the [...]

Duck Hunt Artwork

Anyone who grew up in the eighties has at least some bit of nostalgia for the classic 8 bit games of the decade. While there is a lot of Mario art out there, even Mario wedding cakes, a lot of other classic games have been largely left out of the craftster/art projects world. These 10 Nintendo [...]