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Cork Art!

WebUrbanist has a fantastic gallery of 25 amazing pieces made from corks. From cars covered in wine corks to Asian cork carvings to mosaic-styled portraits, the variety of these works is simply stunning and shows the rest of us just how many different things can be created from something that most of us take for [...]

26 Cool Modern Takes On Classic Paintings

From photograph versions of classic paintings to artistic landscapes filled with modern blights, this WebUrbanist article features a great collection of modern takes on classic artworks. Personally, I like the Star Wars additions. Link

18 Cool Exampes Of Long-Exposure Photography

I don’t know about you guys, but I love photos that incorporate long exposure techniques, although I don’t have nearly enough patience to ever try them on my own. That being said, WebUrbanist has an awesome collection of some seriously stunning long exposure images that are definitely worth a click. Link

15 Awesome Pop Up Books

Pop Up books are largely considered children’s territory, but WebUrbanist has a great selection of 3D books that grown ups can enjoy too. I certainly would enjoy getting my hands on some of these. How about you guys? Link

Hyper-Realistic Paintings

I’ve already posted a few works of amazingly realistic art, but since many of you seem to enjoy the medium, I figured you might enjoy a few more seen in this new WebUrbanist article. Whether you prefer your paintings to feature still life, portraits, scenery or even food wrappers, you’ll be certain to find something in [...]

Are You a Fan of Ceiling Fans?

WebUrbanist has a roundup of artistic, retro, futuristic, and whimsical ceiling fans that come in shapes and configurations you may have never seen. I would love to have one of these Victorian design fans for the stairwell in my 105-year-old house! Link

Dumpster Swimming

WebUrbanist recently ran a fantastic piece on upcycled dumpsters and their wide array of uses. My personal favorite are these mini-swimming pools, which give a whole new meaning to the words “dumpster diving.” Funny enough, this isn’t the only place you may have read about turning dumpsters into pools, the New York Times has also [...]